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Roger Cutts Approves!

Posted by on 26 January 2017 | Comments

487x 324 Roger2

As most of us brass players know, a small change here or there, whether it's a slightly deeper mouthpiece, a different shape leadpipe, or maybe just a bit of a clean (!), can make all the difference to how our playing day feels. A recent update to my Rath R4F slide has done just that, and the only change has been to thicken the outer slide by a microscopic 3/1000's of an inch. Such a tiny difference has transformed the harmonic "slots", as well as the response of the instrument in a way that, to my non-engineering mind makes no sense. As a prototype, there isn't one available for folk to try (yet), but, the only person who tried mine before it left the factory, ordered one on the spot! I am always happy for people to try mine if they would like!

 Congratulations Mick for another innovative, successful update!


Best wishes,




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