Roger Cutts of the Welsh National Opera - Developing a new Rath

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As many things seem to these days, this one started with a couple of photos posted on social media by Roger Cutts and Alan Swain, the principal and principal bass trombone respectively of the Welsh National Opera with their Rath trombones.

Welsh National Opera

What followed led to the development of an essentially new Rath large bore tenor trombone which some substantial new elements which we'd never tried before as well as giving us the opportunity to bring together some ideas that we'd been working on for quite a while.

The final results of all of this have been more successful that any of us had envisaged.

Roger graciously agreed to write a piece for the British Trombone Society about the whole experience which the BTS have very kindly allowed us to share with you. So why not click on the link and find out how we designed the Rath R4FST tenor trombone, and how Roger's previous trombone has now been in his loft for nearly a year.

Many thanks to Roger, John and Alan at Welsh National Opera and to the British Trombone Society. If you're not in the BTS you really should join now!

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