If you wish to convert your Michael Rath custom trombone with valves into a straight tenor, or even a straight bass trombone, we have designed a replaceable gooseneck.

A simple mechanism allows you to quickly change between gooseneck and valve section. The fittings on the gooseneck are compatible with all of our standard convertible instruments.

If you have an older, non-convertible Rath instrument, or an instrument with older, non-standard convertible fittings, and wish to purchase a gooseneck, you should contact us or your local distributor for assistance.

Should you find the balance of the trombone to be front-heavy without the valve section we also have a detachable balance weight.

This can be attached to the trombone's tuning slide leg, in the same position as the fixed weights on our Bb tenor trombones, and removed very easily.

The weight itself is fitted with nuts with a screw thread which can be removed individually to achieve the right balance. Heavier nuts can also be ordered.

R3 4 Gooseneck Cut out 450 371

How to order

If you’re in the UK, please contact us to order a gooseneck or balance weight, or alteratively if you’re outside the UK, please contact your nearest Rath dealer .