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Michael Rath straight and cup trombone mutes are designed to give you everything that you’re looking for in a great mute. Personally created by Michael Rath, the new unique outer profiles of both the straight and cup mutes not only give great tonal characteristics but also fantastic response. You can experience excellent tone quality with a wide range of muted colours but without the usual compromises you have to make with other mutes.

With a Michael Rath mute you can stay in tune across the complete register. You also get great projection without any noticeable change in response compared to an “open” trombone. This means that you don't need to worry about notes speaking when you play the quietest pianissimo entries. For a bass trombonist everything continues to work just as well down through the pedal registers.

Of course, as you’d expect with the cup mute, the distance between the cup and your bell flare is adjustable.

Both Tenor and Bass straight mutes have leather handles to make quick mute changes easier. 

Each mute is supplied with a drawstring bag which lets you carry it easily and helps to protect the mute.

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Michael Rath  practice mutes are a must have tool for today’s trombonists.

Their compact design means that they can be stored inside the bell, in your case so it will always be to hand when needed.

Its light-weight aluminium construction helps to maintain your instruments balance unlike some other products on the market.

Free blowing, wire free, consistent intonation and completely practical, you’ll be able to practice anytime, anywhere.

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Rath practice mutes are also available for tenor and bass trombones.

Bass Practise mute

Tenor Practise mute

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