R11 Alto Trombone - Features

Whether you're looking for a clear, ringing alto sound for concerto performances, or a sound that's more along the lines of a traditional German alto trombone or if you prefer a mixture of clarity with warmth to cover the widest spread of alto repertoire, then the R11 can be customised to cover all eventualities.

What is common for everyone, though, is the need for an alto that not only sounds like an alto rather than a tenor trombone but, equally importantly, is easy to play, is in tune with itself and does not require much adjustment by the player when switching from tenor trombone - in short playability. The R11 achieves these goals perfectly.

The R11's slide has a comfortable seventh position for E and A and enough length to allow fine tuning of both of these. The slide tuning system means that the relative harmonics of the R11 are where you'd expect them to be and the relationship between harmonics does not change as you adjust the tuning which can be the case with many alto trombones with tuning in the bell section.


New lever design , more comfort and a quicker action.

R11 new alto lever design450 370

Trill Valve

R11 Trill valve on bell section 450 373

Alto Plug section 480 370
alto close up 480 350

Like all Rath trombones, the R11's slide action is superb and the small additional weight of the slide tuning system won't slow you down, even on the most technical of passages.

There are two bore sizes for the R11 - the R11Z (0.481"/0.491") and the R11K (0.481"/0.500") and any of our usual options for bell, slide and bell crook materials and finishes can be specified. The standard bell flare size of the R11 is 6 3/4", but a 7" flare is available on request.

Two sets of interchagable leadpipes, the "Z" and "K" series, have been designed specifically for each bore size and can be ordered in brass, nickel, silver and also in bronze.

Valve Options

Rath alto trombones are also available with a standard rotor in Eb/D  or Eb/Bb.

Or try our new design featuring a facility to convert from trill valve to Bb, just by changing the tuning slide.

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Detachable Bb tuning slide option.

Bb Tuning slideR11 Bb tuning slide bell section 450 371

Model Bore Bell Flare
R11Z 0.481" / 0.491" 6 3/4"
R11K 0.481" / 0.500" 6 3/4"

r11 trombone panel3How to order

If you’re in the UK, please contact us to arrange a testing session at our workshop and showroom.

0% interest free credit is available to UK customers, subject to terms and conditions. For full details, please contact us.

If you’re a student at a UK school then you may be eligible to order your Rath trombone without paying VAT on the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme.

If you’re outside the UK, please contact your nearest Rath dealer for further information, or alternatively we’ll be happy to help you.