Contrabass Trombones

The Michael Rath R90 contrabass trombone was introduced in 2005 as a natural extension of our bass trombones and consequently it has a familiar feel.

Bass trombonists, especially those playing our R8 or R9 bass trombones, have found adjusting to the R90 contrabass trombone to be a relatively simple process.

Swiss designed Hagmann valves with heavy valve caps are supplied on the R90 and the instrument has a standard bore size of 0.578” and bell flare diameter of 10½”.

Rotary Valves are also available for the R90 Contrabass trombone.

Similar to all Michael Rath Custom bass trombones, different valve tuning combinations are possible. Regular combinations, such as F/C/D, F/Eb/Bb or others, are possible by tuning extensions, supplied with each R90 contrabass trombone.

The R90 contrabass trombone can be made to customer valve tuning requirements.

Rotary Valves

Valves Cut ot 450 371

Hagmann Valves

Valve section Hagmann 450 371

The Michael Rath R90 Contrabass trombone is available in all material specifications and finish options.

Model Bore Bell Flare
R90 0.578" 10 1/2"

How to order

If you’re in the UK, please contact us to arrange a testing session at our workshop and showroom.

0% interest free credit is available to UK customers, subject to terms and conditions. For full details, please contact us.

If you’re a student at a UK school then you may be eligible to order your Rath trombone without paying VAT on the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme.

If you’re outside the UK, please contact your nearest Rath dealer for further information, or alternatively we’ll be happy to help you.