Michael Rath Trombones

Michael Rath Trombones

Made in England Played Globally

Made in England Played Globally

Glissando – new trombone magazine from Brett Baker

Brett Baker has launched a new online magazine for all trombonists, called “Glissando”. Issue one is free and features an interview with Mick Rath. It’s available now on the Glissando website.

Dear Trombone enthusiast,

I’d like to tell you about an exciting new project that we are about to introduce to the world – Glissando, a brand new online magazine that will be global in its reach and will touch upon subjects that are important and relevant to today’s trombone players. Whilst including articles on the world’s leading trombone players, we will also aim to include contributions from some of the areas of our art that get less coverage in other publications.

This first issue of Glissando will feature interviews with and contributions from leading figures in the trombone world like Eugene Watts (Canada), Ron Barron (USA), Martin McCain (USA), Richard Walker (England), Garry Reed (England), Martin Wilson (Northern Ireland), Mick Rath (England), Bill Broughton (Australia) and Steven Legge (England), as well as a report from the ETW in West Virginia (USA) and the latest news from around the globe.

This first issue of the magazine is free of change and is merely a flavour of what is to come. I hope you like our offering, but feel free to contact us with suggestions of topics that you would like to be discussed in future editions.

Issue number two will have interviews and contributions from Christian Lindberg (Sweden), James Markey (USA), Andrew Lankford (USA), David Bremner (New Zealand), Jackie Morrey (Isle of Man) Ben van Dijk (The Netherlands), Javi Colomer (Spain) and more of the latest news from around the world of the trombone.

Click on this link to view your complimentary free copy of ‘Glissando’ via the website and, if you like it, please consider subscribing to receive issue 2, available in June. In the meantime, enjoy Glissando!

Best Wishes,

Brett Baker

Editor of Glissando