Michael Rath Trombones

Michael Rath Trombones

Made in England Played Globally

Made in England Played Globally

Jet-setting Musician Hits All the Right Notes with Rath Trombone

A TROMBONIST who has toured with Sting and Seal turned to Rath Trombones when it came to selecting the instrument that sparked her lengthy career in music.

London-based Carol Jarvis, who has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, the X Factor, on stage with major symphony orchestras, and toured the world with a host of chart-topping artists, couldn’t think of anywhere better to buy a trombone than from Rath Trombones.

The only UK-manufactured trombone, each one is custom-made – and for Carol, at least, supporting British is ‘what it’s all about!’

“For a truly-British sound, it’s got to be a British trombone,” says Carol, who bought her first trombone from Rath Trombones 19 years ago. And it’s been a long and winding road since then for Carol, who has battled with cancer and become, according to her friends, an even better musician for it.

Back in 2004, aged just 26, Carol’s life was turned upside down after she was diagnosed with stage 2a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. A tough time for the freelance trombonist, having undergone several treatments including chemotherapy regimes, spread over months at a time – it was a daunting experience for someone who’d devoted her life to music.

It was such a rigorous few years, in fact, that Carol’s music career suffered along with her health. Several harder-hitting treatments later, including higher dose chemotherapy regimes and a stem cell transplant, left Carol unable to get back to doing what she loved best.

A period in a wheelchair followed while Carol fought desperately to get back some of her energy. It was a long and gruelling ordeal involving invasive treatments, hair loss and immobility; Carol’s lungs took a beating and her energy waned.

Slowly but surely, her energy returned – and with it, her passion for music. Now in remission – following nine years of treatment – she’s become active behind the scenes of a host of cancer charities and continues to live as normal a life as she can.

Now in her 30s, Carol’s an even more accomplished musician – friends say her long battle with cancer has made her performances even more emotive. Of course, her Rath trombones are never far from her side.

Carol says the Americans, who manufacture the majority of trombones, just don’t make them like the British – and it’s true she’s been on something of an adventure with her own custom-made instrument. “I wouldn’t use any other trombone; this one – like all of them – is made for me – and I love it.”

“My perspective to music and life has changed so much since being ill,” says Carol, “When it hit, I just threw myself into my work. I was touring the world, flying all over, with tests and transplants in between gigs. At the time I think I was possibly in denial with my health, and working hard was my coping mechanism. It wasn’t until I was out the other end that I could ask myself: ‘what has just happened to me?’.

Working alongside Seal has been a highlight for the musician. “He was such an amazing boss,” she said, “flying me home for scans and treatments, and back the next morning to rejoin his tour. I feel very lucky to call him a close friend”.

Carol says the illness gave her real perspective and a new-found and even greater love for music. “I’m much more in touch with what life’s all about now.”