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  • Gold Mouthpiece 250 3
    CB0 Cup: 31.2 mm x 44.8 mm O/D Throat: 8.1 mm
    See also CB0B with Bass Trombone Shank
  • Gold Mouthpiece 250 3
    CB1 Cup: 28.9 mm x 42.5mm O/D Throat: 8.0 mm
    See also CB1B with Bass Trombone Shank
  • Gold Mouthpiece 250 3
    CB2 Cup: 28.8 mm x 41.3mm O/D Throat: 7.2 mm
    See also CB2B with Bass Trombone Shank


The Michael Rath mouthpiece range was introduced in 2004 after extensive research, development and testing. Our goal was a very simple one - to create a range of mouthpieces that not only would perfectly complement our own instruments, but also would be excellent mouthpieces in their own right.

All Rath mouthpieces have had substantial input from professional players in their design and many of our models are “Signature” mouthpieces, designed in collaboration with Rath trombones artists such as Mark Nightingale, Mark Frost, Bert Boeren, Marc Godfroid, Mike Dease and Brett Baker.

“Michael Rath makes not only great trombones, custom tailored to match your goals and needs as a musician; he’s also been developing a line of mouthpieces along with the testing and input of some of the world’s top trombonists that match the quality of his instruments on a plug-and-play level.  I’m really happy to introduce the RATH S5 A.H., Andy Hunter model mouthpiece; my new standard for all musical situations.” Andy Hunter.

Rath mouthpieces feature a semi heavy outer shape, designed to bring the beneficial features of heavy weight mouthpieces, such as added projection and core to the sound, without reducing the feedback to the player, as can be the case with heavy weight designs.

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