Steve Dillon of Dillon music, highlights the importance of customer service

Posted by Mick Rath in association with Steve Dillon on 30 March 2016 | Comments

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Buying a Rath Trombone is an investment not just financially but emotionally too!
Many professional trombonists have long held ambitions to own a Rath and for them it is the pinnacle of their career. It is an investment in their work enabling them to play at the very top of the their profession. It’s no wonder that a Rath is highly prized and played by lead trombonists in most of the world’s premier orchestras.

People who play their trombone for pleasure view it as the ultimate if they can play a Rath in their spare time. Being able to play a customised musical instrument so they truly enjoy their non day job adds to the pleasure. We have had people come to our Honley factory to buy Raths as retirement gifts, when a pension policy has matured or simply if they earn a bonus.

But if you think you take it personally then so do I. Since we started making customised trombones 20 years ago my ambition has been to make sure that every single musician, professional or not, who invests in a Rath Trombone gets the instrument they want and expect.

That’s why I am always happy to show trombonists around our Honley factory and personally help them select the instrument and accessories for them.

While I get around the world to support our distributors I cannot be in more than one place at a time so I make sure that they have the same commitment to customer service that I do. I scour the world to make sure everyone is as committed to the guarantee as I am. If anyone ever buys a Rath that they are not 100% happy with we want to know. So do all Rath distributors.

Steve Dillon is our North America distributor. Steve has been with us for many years and as an accomplished musicians knows how personal it is that you get the best from your trombone and how important it is that you are happy with it. I recently caught up with him at the American Trombone Workshop in Fort Myers where he shared his thoughts about Rath Trombones.

View his video about the Rath Guarantee

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