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Shelby Kifer Joins the Rath team!

Posted by on 25 February 2019 | Comments

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At Rath Trombones we believe in great teachers that introduce young people to the art of trombone playing...... Shelby Kifer is one of those great teachers.

Shelby Kifer is a low brass instructor and freelance bass trombonist in Tulsa, Oklahoma (US). He teaches students from beginner through high school. Shelby has recently been given the opportunity to add to the music department at the University of Tulsa as Adjunct Trombone Instructor.

Shelby is a DMA candidate in bass trombone performance at the University of Iowa. His Master’s degree is from Oklahoma State University and Bachelor’s degree is from the University of Arkansas.


"My R9 is better than me. I am the limiting factor in our relationship, which means anything I can think of, it can do. It is the most versatile instrument I have ever played. Not to mention it is a work of art. My red, satin finish bell garners compliments at every gig"


"As a teacher and mentor of young students, my Rath helps me set a great example of solid fundamentals and ease in playing. When my students upgrade from their beginner instrument, my recommendation is always the Rath R400. It is, by far, the greatest value on the market. The 00 series is easily comparable to any other professional brand and, in my opinion, more versatile while being a far better price"


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