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Notice for customers in countries with Rath Distributors
Only General Accessories, Merchandise and Vouchers (to spend on our online shop) are available for online purchase in
countries that have Rath distributors. 
For all other products contact your local dealer here.

General trombone accessories

Brand: Michael Rath Model: SP0002
Hagmann rubber bumper valve stops - SP0002 - General accessories..
Ex Tax:£0.26
Model: SP0014
Replacement slide felt to protect and soften your closed slide position...
Ex Tax:£0.95
Model: SP0015
The replacement water key cork is easy to fit and will continue to prevent any air / water escaping from the bottom of your trombone slide...
Ex Tax:£0.98
Brand: Michael Rath Model: SP0010
The Rath rubber trombone slide nipple (old style) fits our older range of trombones.  Avoids damage to the base of your slide...
Ex Tax:£1.14
Brand: Michael Rath Model: SP0009
The Rath rubber trombone slide nipple (newstyle) fits our new range of trombones.  Avoids damage to the base of your slide...
Ex Tax:£1.49
Brand: Michael Rath Model: SP0001
Replacement O ring for trombone Hagmann rotary valve..
Ex Tax:£1.72
Brand: Michael Rath Model: SP0004
Rath trombone water key spring - SP0004 - General accessories..
Ex Tax:£2.74
Brand: Michael Rath Model: SP0006
Hagmann D lever spring - SP0006 - General accessories..
Ex Tax:£4.00
Brand: Michael Rath Model: SP0005
Hagmann F lever spring - SP0005 - General accessories..
Ex Tax:£4.00
Rotax D lever Spring
Up to 4 weeks
Brand: Michael Rath Model: SP0008
Rotax D lever Spring - SP0008 - General accessories..
Ex Tax:£4.00
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