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Rath Trombones leadpipes

We have Rath fleeces and polo shirts in sizes all the way up to XXL, as well as Rath mugs and key rings.

Of course we've also got a wide range of CDs from all of your favourite Rath artists.

Brand: Michael Rath Model: AC0047
Our sticky sticker with our Michael Rath logo.  Great for cases, cars or to wear...
Ex Tax:£2.86
Brand: Michael Rath Model: AC0006
Need to make adjustments to your trombone?  Our Rath trombone spanner is perfect for this...
Ex Tax:£3.93
Brand: Michael Rath Model: AC0005
No musician should be without a pencil.  Buy yours online now...
Ex Tax:£4.89
Brand: Michael Rath Model: AC0004
Buy the perfect gift for you or someone else with our exclusive Michael Rath keyring...
Ex Tax:£6.85
Brand: Michael Rath Model: AC0045
Need a brew whilst playing?  Grab your own Michael Rath mug to keep yourself going...
Ex Tax:£8.24
Model: AC0054
Insulated mug designed to maintain the contents temperature.  Easily take a hot or cold beverage with you to practice sessions...
Ex Tax:£8.25
Brand: Michael Rath Model: AC0044
What better compliament to your Rath Trombone than your very own pint glass after a hard day’s blowing...
Ex Tax:£8.56
Model: AC0056
Don't go thirsty during rehearsals.  Our 630ml stainless steel water bottle is the perfect accompaniment for any trombonist...
Ex Tax:£13.00
Brand: Michael Rath Model: AC0012
The Michael Rath polo shirt is machine washable and available in most sizes...
Ex Tax:£17.04
Brand: Michael Rath Model: AC0007
Our Michael Rath fleece is machine washable and available in most sizes...
Ex Tax:£34.27
Michael Rath fleece & polo shirt
In Stock
Brand: Michael Rath Model: AC0017
Save some money and buy a Michael Rath fleece and polo shirt combination. Our fleece and polo shirts are machine washable and available in most sizes...
Ex Tax:£48.97
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