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B2 W bass trombone

B2 W bass trombone
B2 W bass trombone
B2 W bass trombone
B2 W bass trombone
B2 W bass trombone
B2 W bass trombone
B2 W bass trombone

The Rath Trombones bass trombone B2 W (wide rim) silver and gold mouthpieces were introduced in 2004 after extensive research, development and testing.

All Rath mouthpieces have had substantial input from professional players in their design and many of our models are “Signature” mouthpieces, designed in collaboration with Rath trombones artists such as Mark Nightingale, Mark Frost, Bert Boeren, Marc Godfroid, Mike Dease and Brett Baker.

Rath mouthpieces feature a semi heavy outer shape, designed to bring the beneficial features of heavy weight mouthpieces, such as added projection and core to the sound, without reducing the feedback to the player, as can be the case with heavy weight designs.

Cup27.20 mm
Throat7.20 mm

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