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Notice for customers in countries with Rath Distributors
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Visiting Rath Trombones

We want to ensure that your Rath Custom trombone is the best instrument that we can supply.

Visiting us is an ideal way to make sure that you get an instrument tailored uniquely for you.

To begin with please contact us to discuss what your initial considerations are. Whether it's a replacement for your existing trombone, or a new instrument, it helps to talk through your needs.

The next step is to arrange a testing session to try out Rath trombone models and appropriate options. Please contact us to make your appointment , preferably  2 weeks prior to your intended visit as pre-booking allows us to make sure that all instruments, parts and special items are available.

The workshop and showroom  are open Monday to Friday 8 am- 4pm    , Saturday 8 am -12 noon (by appointment for repairs and instrument testing appointments )

If you're coming from outside the UK, or if you're planning a visit during school holidays, please let us know well in advance.

A testing session can last anywhere between one and three hours (or longer if you're looking for more than one trombone). If you are replacing an instrument, it is helpful to bring your current instrument and mouthpiece(s).

It may be very useful to have at least one piece of music or excerpt that you know really well as this can give you a very direct comparison between possible configurations.

If you'd like to make an appointment to test or setup your Rath trombone, or if you have any more questions regarding a visit (directions, suggestions for accommodation etc.) then feel free to contact us.

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