Michael Rath Trombones

Michael Rath Trombones

Made in England Played Globally

Made in England Played Globally

Tarjei Grimsby from Norway joins the Rath team.

CREATIVE types are often innovative and traditional by turns and the latest member of the Rath Family, Tarjei Grimsby is no exception.

The lead trombonist with the Norwegian Wind Ensemble is asking audiences to take a leap of faith with his latest venture which is seeing him play some of the premiere venues in Europe as part of a group of real time musicians.

And while he is pioneering new genres with his style of play he wanted to take no chances with the sound from his trombone and was delighted to be asked to join our Artistes Family.

“Consistency is vital when you are playing any musical instrument but playing real time music it is even more important. As a group of musicians you don’t know what will happen next as each instrumentalist contributes to the work. Always audiences want great sounding music so you have to be confident in your instrument,” he explained.

“Playing a lot of jazz and classical demands that I have a wide range at my disposal and the Rath delivers that as well as versatility.”

Real time music is just the latest departure for the adventurous Norwegian whose career has spanned numerous iterations and genres. With the Norwegian Wind Ensemble he plays both jazz and classical.

“I love so many different types of music and want to do so much that real time seemed a natural progression .

“We will meet the week before we play our first concert at the Frankfurt Opera House and work on Fauns Afternoon by Claude Debbusy, while developing our relationship as a group of musicians. The piano star, Michael Wallny, from Germany will join us for this piece. It demands listening and looking at what your fellow musicians are doing rather than taking your lead from a conductor.

“It is daunting and it is mentally challenging because you have to go on stage and believe in yourself and your fellow musicians, but I am looking forward to the opportunity to spread the word about how good Rath Trombones are.”

In a more traditional way Tarjei is also hoping to act as a Rath Ambassador in Scandinavia where we don’t currently have an outlet.

“It is a massive honour to be a member of the Rath family and I hope I will get the chance to inspire and promote the brand in Scandinavia,” he added.