Michael Rath Trombones

Michael Rath Trombones

Made in England Played Globally

Made in England Played Globally

Rath R900 Bass TromboneIndependent rotary valve bass trombone

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The Rath R00 series of trombones bridges the gap between student level instruments and our custom, modular, hand crafted instruments. Everything that Michael Rath knows about designing and producing trombones has been utilized in creating a series of trombones that are elegant in their simplicity yet economically attainable.

We’ve taken the most successful modular combinations for the Rath R10, R4F and R9 models and created a range of non-modular instruments – the R100 (Bb medium bore 0.500″), R400 (Bb/F large bore 0.547″) and R900 (Bb/F/Gb independent valves 0.562″).

For those looking to progress from a beginner’s instrument to their first professional level trombone the R00 series of instruments is excellent in developing style and technique before progressing to a fully customized trombone.

On the other hand if you simply want to concentrate on an economic trombone without the potential complications of a modular solution then an instrument from the R00 series would be ideal.

Whatever your needs, the Rath R00 series of trombones offers a unique combination of the highest level of input of design and craftsmanship in trombones with the production qualities that make Michael Rath trombones famous around the world.

R00 series - comments from Michael Rath

“For over 35 years I have striven for the highest of standards in brass musical instrument manufacture and have gained an international reputation in doing so. So when expert training and quality materials are put together and quality control adhered to, it is irrelevant where the manufacturing location is.

Listening to customer feedback there is obviously a definite requirement in the market place for a range of Rath trombones economically priced which is, unfortunately, impossible to produce here in the UK. Hence, over the past years, I have worked extensively with skilled craftsmen in a factory in Tianjin, China to develop the exciting new R00 series of trombones.

If I were not confident of the quality of this product it would not have gone to market, I would not have fully guaranteed it and it would certainly not have borne my name.

The Rath R00 series represents excellent quality, playability and affordability!”

Model Bore Bell Flare
R900 0.562″ 9 1/2″ yellow brass
new Rath 00 trombones

How to order

If you’re in the UK, please contact us to arrange a testing session at our workshop and showroom.

0% interest free credit is available to UK customers, subject to terms and conditions. For full details, please contact us.

If you’re a student at a UK school then you may be eligible to order your Rath trombone without paying VAT on the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme.

If you’re outside the UK, please contact your nearest Rath dealer for further information, or alternatively we’ll be happy to help you.